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Eco-Friendly Bamboo Handle 100% Natural BPA Free with Charcoal Soft Bristle

                                                   100% Biodegradable


SWITCH TO BAMBOO: Finally, an eco-friendly biodegradable bamboo toothbrush which can do as good as or a better job than cheap yet harmful plastic.


WHY OUR BAMBOO TOOTHBRUSH: A quality grip because of its contoured shape which fits comfortably in your hand. It is made up of a sturdy, splitter-free bamboo handle and durable soft wavy shaped charcoal bristles. The wavy shaped bristles are designed to cover larger and hard to reach areas of the teeth for a better clean and a refreshing feeling. Designed to last longer than the usual cheaper options.


VEGAN AND BIODEGRADABLE: This toothbrush is 100 % Vegan, plant-based and biodegradable. The packaging used is also biodegradable. We recommend reducing waste by reusing the toothbrush handles and the packaging boxes in other household applications such as gardening etc. 


Biodegradable Handles

Our toothbrush handles are completely biodegradable, so they won’t last forever in a landfill like every other brush! You can literally recycle the bristles, then throw the handle into your compost pile, where it will decompose naturally!


Recycle Package

Our orders are shipped in 100% recyclable cardboard. Green packaging not only reduces your carbon footprint and environmental impact but is also beneficial after it has served its purpose as the packaging materials are biodegradable ONLY ONE EARTH, PLEASE PROTECT IT! In the face of growing environmental pollution, we must act for ourselves and make the change to GoECO. Let's start by changing the toothbrush we use. Use a bamboo toothbrush, abandon the plastic toothbrush, and start your green life with a  bamboo toothbrush.